When Does God Speak to People?

When Does God Speak to People?

Start with the premise that God does want to speak to people…what a thought! Think of how busy your life is, multiply that by over 7 billion people, and then imagine also holding every molecule and atom in place.  Realizing that God, who holds creation together, really cares about the details of our existence should blow us away!  It gets better…God keeps track of the number of hairs on our heads – even though we all lose nearly sixty each day.  The Psalmist David went as far as to say that God’s thoughts of us number more than the number of grains of sand on the seashore – pretty much all the time.  He actually thinks of us all of the time!

Now comes our turn…how often do we think of God?  Better yet, how often do we speak to Him (when we are NOT in crisis or want)?  Take that one step further; when was the last time God spoke to you personally?  Not just through His word, but really got to your heart and changed the way you were thinking about something?

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Top 12 Reasons to Attend Freeze Out

We love hosting Freeze Out!

We have the Top 12 Reasons to attend Freeze Out!

  1. Hear BRAND NEW messages from KEN RUDOLPH 
  2. Worship with HeartSong
  3. Night tube on 3 tubing hills
  4. Play NEW Yeti games in the snow 
  5. We all love Octaball, so we’ve brought it indoors to enjoy morning, noon, and night! 
  6. Play Cubix (9 square in the air!).
  7. Nobody goes hungry at Lake Ann! Enjoy the GREATEST camp food around
  8. Pick up warm drinks at Mr. Bean’s Coffee Shop at the Red Canoe
  9. Cross country ski on the 5K trail during free time
  10. Choose from 3 fireplaces around camp to warm-up and hang out with friends  
  11. Grab an opponent to duel in the ping-pong room
  12. Take a tour of the camp.

Find out more information about Freeze Out and sign-up online at

Looking to Host a Retreat at Lake Ann Camp?

Are you looking to host a retreat at Lake Ann Camp? We are pleased to host a variety of guest groups who come for all different reasons. Whether you’re a coach looking to enhance your team’s cooperative dynamic or a youth pastor wanting to create powerful teachable moments with your junior high group, we’re confident Lake Ann Camp can meet and exceed your needs!