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Make Your Retreat Memorable

Lake Ann Camp serves the needs of guests who come here for a wide variety of reasons. We’re confident that we can deliver a day, weekend, or week that will serve your purposes!

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Highly Trained // Always Available // Genuinely Friendly

Here at Lake Ann Camp, we have a staff that is excited to work with you to make your retreat everything you want it to be! All our staff members are trained in both facilitation and guest services; so, as well as meeting your every day needs, we can also contribute to the learning experience your group will enjoy.



Food    Facilities   Activities


On Time // Served Hot // Plenty For Everyone

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Lake Ann Camp has always been known for excellence in food service. Sit in our incredible dining hall and enjoy a freshly cooked meal made by our friendly kitchen staff. We will work with you and your budget until the menu you choose is perfect for your retreat!


Staff   Facilities   Activities


Designed To Meet Your Needs

Lake Ann Camp strives to provide our guests with facilities that exceed expectations. We provide a range of accommodations and will work with you directly to help you decide which of our facilities best suits your needs. Whether you’re looking for a fun and relaxing retreat for a group of 15 students or you want to host a women’s conference of over 500 ladies, Lake Ann Camp has the appropriate facilities for you!

Want to see more of our facilities? Check out our tour!

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Excite // Educate // Enjoy

Lake Ann Camp is accustomed to working with guests who visit us for many different reasons. This is due to our wide scope of activities that have all been designed with a deeper purpose in mind. Whether you’re a teacher looking to build the team dynamic of a class, or a pastor seeking to invest in the leadership skills of your board members, we can design a program that will accomplish the goals of your stay with us. Youth groups, men’s groups, sports teams, school bands and more have all found Lake Ann Camp to be the perfect setting for their retreat experience.


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