Camp Life


A Day In The Life

Each of our Christian kids camp programs start the day with flag raising and some crazy songs and activities to make sure you’re awake! Then you’ll head to breakfast, return to your cabin for God and I time, and perhaps a morning cabin activity. Chapel is shortly followed by lunch. The afternoon is a combination of scheduled activities with your cabin and free time. Then dinner and chapel. Nighttime activities vary each day, but there’s never a dull moment and you’ll have a blast each day!

Junior High



Cabin Life

Attention to detail. It’s a value that we hold dear. And one of the most important details we strive to perfect is creating a safe and comfortable environment in our cabins. That’s why many of our facilities have cozy hand-built bunks, steaming hot water, and individual bathrooms and showers. So throw out the old notion of overnight summer camp…it’s time to aim higher. Don’t miss our facilities tour!


Cinnamon rolls for breakfast and pizza for lunch…yum! Say goodbye to lunch lines and school food, we make our food from scratch. That means extra cheese, loads of frosting, and stomachs that never go empty! So when you’re tired after a long day of paintball, swimming, and playing with your friends, rest assured our executive chef’s world famous cooking will hit the spot!

dining hall

camp life


A one hundred and fifty foot water slide, a climbing tower suspended over the lake, floating mats, and that’s just the waterfront! For over 60 years, we’ve been impacting the lives young people for Christ. Those who have spent time at Lake Ann understand why so many call it, “the best week of your life.” So what makes Lake Ann great, and why do 80% of first time campers return the next year? Be sure to check out our Programs page to see more of our awesome activities!

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