Lost & Found

Lost and Found

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-Lake Ann Camp is not responsible for lost items. However, we do our best to help find anything left behind at camp.
-Please be as descriptive as possible. We receive many similar items each week and desire to send the correct items (Example: Navy Blue REI sleeping bag with gray interior).
-While we appreciate item descriptions, we do not need to know the counselors name or where the items were left on the property. Our cleaning crew gathers all lost and found items and brings them to a central location at the camp each week.
-Once a lost and found form has been submitted we will do our best to find the items. We will contact you if an item has been found.
-Once items are found, we will call you and request credit card information to hold on file until we know the cost of postage.
-If you happen to find something that was reported lost, please let us know. We can take the items off our records so we can stop looking for them.
-Any clothing and bedding left behind are washed in our laundry facilities to help control odor, mold, and mildew.
-If you live locally, you can arrange to pick up lost and found items instead of having them shipped to you.
-At the end of each season, unclaimed lost and found items are donated to a thrift store in the Traverse City area.

(size, color, brand, if campers name is on the tag, etc.)