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1. We Impact Lives

At the heart of our summer camp ministry is a desire to positively impact the lives of young people for Christ. Every fun activity campers participate in has been carefully designed with this in mind. We’re excited to partner with you in developing spiritually, physically, and socially healthy children for generations to come.


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 2. Since 1948

Lake Ann Has Over 60 Years Of Proof…Summer Camping Works.

If the old White Pine trees on our grounds could talk, they’d have deep stories of joy and transformation to tell. They would tell you that at one time our facilities were tents, our staff full of volunteers, and the idea of over 5,000 annual campers was only a dream. But today, we are incredibly blessed to tell you Lake Ann Camp is bigger, better, and truer to its roots than ever before. The last decade has been tough on the camping industry, but Lake Ann has expanded…both in physical size and camper numbers. Join us this summer as we embrace the next 60 years of camp with purpose.


3. Passionate Staff

A Lake Ann Experience Is Only As Good As The Counselors. But Don’t Worry, They’re Amazing.

We know that every camper is a parent’s most valuable possession, and it takes a level of maturity to lead those campers through a variety of positive camp experiences. That’s one of the reasons why our rigorous counselor interview process is unmatched. It communicates to prospective counselors the seriousness of their duties, and ensures they know camp is about the camper, not necessarily for the ease or enjoyment of the staff.

This year’s summer camp team will arrive 14 days before the campers. They will receive 175 hours of classroom and hands-on training to learn behavior management, facilitation, Lake Ann’s core values and mission, high adventure, philosophy of ministry, outdoor education, and much more. They finish training having experienced every activity the campers will enjoy and are pumped up for their first campers to arrive.

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