Check-in 4-6pm (dinner is provided)
Check-out after lunch on Sunday

What could be better than a weekend of bonding between a dad and his boy? Perhaps the only thing better would be to have grandpa along as well! This fun filled weekend will be filed with activities that will strengthen the relationship between dads and their sons as they learn biblical principles of honor and respect. Lake Ann Camp is the perfect place for this retreat because, rain or shine, we have the facilities to create a life changing experience! Especially with our new 36,000 square foot ARC recreational facility.

One of the best ways to show that you value your son is to make him a priority and create memories that will last a lifetime. That is just what the Father Son Retreat is all about. In face, some families include the grandfather in the equation and it becomes a multi-generational way of passing on values from one generation to the next.

Father Son Retreat has been one of our fastest growing retreats and we could not be more excited. Activities are one of a kind to create memories that you will be talking and laughing about for years to come. Sign up today and be the kind of father whose chid knows he is valued and believed in!



    Fire building
    Knife and Tomahawk throwing
    High Adventure Activity - Zipline
    Nerf Wars
    Fireside Doughboys

*Price: $319 for father and son, $155 for each additional son.

Age: For sons at least 8 years old

Speaker: Craig Perry