Reaching Forward

    Reaching Forward


Lake Ann Camp is an Outfitter for Life. No one would set out to climb a mountain without a plan, provisions and partners. First of all, the plan considers the scope and difficulty of the climb, and identifies the best path to a successful summit. Second, the provisions are selected to equip each climber. These provisions give the climber every necessary resource for the time and situations that will be faced. Lastly, the partners are identified by their understanding, commitment and readiness to accept the challenge together. Today’s generation are looking at life, and the world being handed to them. They are in urgent need of help as they navigate the steep and treacherous climb in front of them.

At Lake Ann Camp, we are convinced that ministries like intentional Christian camping are needed more now than ever before. We have unwavering certainty in God’s plan: The good news of redemption, reconciliation, and hope through Jesus Christ. We have complete confidence in God’s provision: The Living written Word, the indwelling Holy Spirit, and the fellowship of the Church. And we are deeply committed to being one of the partners. The networks of relationships and mentors that young people must have if they will ever make it up the increasingly stormy ascent to the peak. This network of partners includes every contributor to Lake Ann Camp. This life-changing, outfitting ministry could not exist without all those who pray, volunteer, and give to make the Lake Ann Camp experience possible. The Reaching Forward Campaign is your way to join Lake Ann Camp in being uniquely ready for this and future generations.


The Vision

  • ARC
  • Expand by adding 110 more beds
  • Worship Arts Chapel
  • A new Junior Camp


The Match Gift

The Reaching Forward goal is $5,600,000 and generous contributors are inviting all who love the ministry of Lake Ann Camp to donate $1,000,000 and they will match each gift with a $1 to $4.6 ratio. That means a $10 gift will put $56 into the project. $100 is really $560, $1,000 is $5,600, $10,000 is really a $56,000 gift, $100,000 is really $560,000 etc. Here is how the ministry will be expanded when the $4,600,000 is matched:

Reaching Forward


  1. With new cabins, Lake Ann Camp will be able to reach 110 additional campers each week.
  2. Campers will be able to participate in High Adventure activities everyday, regardless of weather.
  3. Junior campers, who currently use our oldest cabins, will have new and fully upgraded cabins.
  4. Campers will have expanded opportunities for unique experiences in the Worship Arts Chapel.
  5. The Red Canoe will be able to accommodate large crowds without long lines. Lifelong connections are made throughout camp and especially at the Red Canoe.
  6. The new Open Space that showcases amazing views of our beautiful lake will have expanded outdoor fire rings and seating areas for connections and reflection.
  7. The camp will be COMPLETELY DEBT FREE.