Senior High Camp…Better than Ever!

Summer is the highlight of a high school student’s year. Their summers are full of special moments with friends and family at the beach, grilling hot dogs and hamburgers, or at the ball park watching America’s favorite past time. But there is an event on Friday night at Lake Ann Camp that tops them all. It is an event where tears fall and hearts pound, where hundreds of teenagers make a decision to surrender their lives and hearts to Christ to do whatever He would ask of them. This decision stems from the hours spent by a counselor pouring out his heart; hours of listening, screaming, cheering, asking, loving and encouraging, giving young teenagers the hope attained through Christ alone. And this decision comes at an event called Glory Bowl, which wraps up a week of Senior High Camp at Lake Ann.

The Friday night Glory Bowl fire!
The Friday night Glory Bowl fire!

In one week, Senior High campers will make countless memories. They will scream at the top of their lungs, cheer at Fight Night as if their very existence depends upon it. They will work with their cabin on the Challenge Course and learn to work on being a team member and a unit to accomplish their tasks and goals. They will spend hours in chapel, where the worship team will bring them before the throne of God, and they will sing with all their hearts with the very focus of making God’s name famous. Then, they will listen to messages that will challenge them in their walks with Christ. Undeniably, one of the most memorable times during Senior High is listening to Ken Rudolph preach. He is a man who preaches from his heart, exposes the truth, and inspires his listeners to change.

All this time collected together will involve much sacrifice and great reward. There will be sweat, tears, and hours of exhaustion. What makes it all worth the effort? That moment at Glory Bowl:. the moment where counselors stand waiting in prayer, begging for God to change a young soul’s heart. They close their eyes and might even shed a tear. They put their heads down and in one final plea to the living God they ask, “Touch this heart.” Then, in the one special moment when all hope seemed lost, the camper stands to his feet, and begins to walk to the front of the crowd; he speaks of how, just hours before in chapel, he bowed before the cross and offered his life before the altar and cried out to God, “Here I am, Lord send me.” The sacrifice becomes a distant memory and everything changes.  The sweat, tears, and hours of exhaustion become a minimal price for the reward at hand because, in the moment a teen surrenders his heart, the counselor truly believes he will see his camper again in glory, in heaven with Jesus.  The counselor knows when he sees his campers face again, smiling, the privilege of the sacrifice was worth it.  Not only for the special moment during a week of Senior High camp at Lake Ann, but for the ultimate moment when Christ says, “Well done, my good and faithful servant.”

Senior High at Lake Ann Camp — where the sacrifice brings value to the special moments which change a life forever!

Top 12 Reasons to Attend Freeze Out

We love hosting Freeze Out!

We have the Top 12 Reasons to attend Freeze Out!

  1. Hear BRAND NEW messages from KEN RUDOLPH 
  2. Worship with HeartSong
  3. Night tube on 3 tubing hills
  4. Play NEW Yeti games in the snow 
  5. We all love Octaball, so we’ve brought it indoors to enjoy morning, noon, and night! 
  6. Play Cubix (9 square in the air!).
  7. Nobody goes hungry at Lake Ann! Enjoy the GREATEST camp food around
  8. Pick up warm drinks at Mr. Bean’s Coffee Shop at the Red Canoe
  9. Cross country ski on the 5K trail during free time
  10. Choose from 3 fireplaces around camp to warm-up and hang out with friends  
  11. Grab an opponent to duel in the ping-pong room
  12. Take a tour of the camp.

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