Jump Start your life this summer! [for 6th graders only]

I remember my week as a Jump Start camper very vividly. Some people think that’s crazy, because 6th grade was 10 years ago for

The river walk is one of highlights for all Jump Start campers!
The river walk is one of highlights for all Jump Start campers!

me! But the reason it stands out so clearly in my mind is because it was — and still is to this day — one of the most impactful weeks of my entire life. Now, I’m back at Lake Ann Camp preparing for summer to start, and the best part is, I get to be the Jump Start Program Director’s Assistant. For the last two summers, I’ve been a counselor at Lake Ann, and one of the highlights of both years was my two weeks spent as a Jump Start counselor.


I love the curiosity and adventurous spirits of 6th graders. They come to summer camp with tons of questions about life, nature and people.That’s why Jump Start is the perfect program for a child heading into the 6th grade.  Lake Ann designed the program intentionally so that 6th graders can be with other 6th graders instead of being thrown in with older, more intimidating, Junior High campers. They’re put into a comfortable setting where they are invited to have fun, learn and explore.


The dune climb is ok...but the dune run-down-as-fast-as-you-can is AWESOME!
The dune climb is ok…but the dune run-down-as-fast-as-you-can is AWESOME!

We will be taking campers out into nature to show them the creativity of our God and teach them valuable life lessons through hands-on learning experiences. Every day, campers will be participating in different activities that many of them have never had the opportunity to experience before! Throughout the week, they will be going on a tube floats, a river walk, jumping in a bog, fishing off a dock, “Blobbing”, climbing sand dunes, experiencing one of our high adventure activities called “The Flying Squirrel,” and attending daily chapels with great speakers!


The reason Jump Start was so impactful in my life was because it was during that week of camp that I accepted Christ to be my Savior. I’m living proof that a 6th grader is capable of making a life-altering decision, especially after learning so much about the glory of God in the Jump Start program. That’s why I’m so excited to see what God is going to do in the lives of the young people that come to our program this summer.


Emily Anderson

Assistant to Dathan Tenter

Why come to Junior High camp this summer?

Each week of the summer, Lake Ann Camp offers programming for five different age groups. This means churches or families or schools can send all their campers to the same week of camp, knowing each child will be involved in an age-specific program that will meet their particular needs. Obviously, the needs of a fourth grader are vastly different than the needs of a student entering high school.


Over the next few weeks we will be featuring each program, trying to give you the latest news from the program directors who will be running the show! Here’s a note from our awesome Junior High program directors:


We have new Zorbs!!
We have new Zorbs this summer!

The Junior High program this summer is going to be incredible! The program is filled with activities like Scalps, Zorbs, and a completely new activity designed by the program directors to be top notch. One of the major themes of our Junior High program is cooperation. Campers put the idea of teamwork into action while they work together on the Zorbs, organize Lavinrac, and work on a number of other activities. The new night hike is an exciting Junior High activity; campers will be immersed in God’s creation in a whole new way.


The main theme for the Junior High campers is answering the question:Iss God real? Each activity in our fun and exciting program will purposely guide their minds toward answering that question. Our daily devotionals and chapels paint a picture for campers of how God is real in their lives, whilePurity Night and Man Night give Junior High campers an idea of what being a man or woman of God looks like in a practical way in their everyday lives.


This year, Junior High campers will experience the Screaming Eagle — where campers will take in a whole new view of Lake Ann. Soaring over camp from an eagle’s point of view gives campers the opportunity to view God’s creation in an experience unlike anything else. Our goal is to make this week at camp an experience Junior High students can enjoy for a week and remember for a lifetime.

Retreat season…and we rejoice!

As summer slowly comes to a close many kids wish it would go a little longer. Someone once said “All good things must end.” However, that’s not true, not all good things come to an end. Paul says in Philippians 4:4, “Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, rejoice.”

So rejoice, and when you’re done rejoicing, rejoice again!

As we have reached the end of our summer here at Lake Ann Camp my focus quickly moves to retreats that will soon be taking place. We host our three Ladies Retreats next month, and then in October we host our Junior High retreat called Exiled.

Exiled is an experience unlike any other as Junior High campers are placed in a scenario for the entire weekend. Two years ago, for example, they traveled back in time to a once Communist Romanian country for what we call Exiled – Romania. They were stripped of their Bibles as they arrived for the weekend, and their first task as a cabin was to write down as many verses from memory as they could.

One of the lessons taught here was to show the camper how much of God’s Word they actually had hidden in their hearts (Psalm 119:11). Campers were lightly “persecuted” for their faith during their weekend and were challenged on whether they were just committed to God, or completely surrendered to God.

This past year they experienced Exiled – Tribal. Soon after arrival at camp they realized they were not alone. A nomadic tribe had moved on to the camp grounds. The campers were trained to share their faith, and trained on how to overcome unique cultural and personality barriers. Through that, they were challenged to reach the tribe for Christ during their weekend. By the end of the three-day retreat, campers were comfortable with sharing their faith story with others and had the tools to go home and impact their ‘worlds’.

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I am particularly excited about this year’s Exiled as we launch an all new program called “Exiled – A.D.” This year’s theme will be “A Life Touched by Christ”. As campers go through their weekend here at camp they will meet many Bible characters that have had their lives touched by Jesus. They will interact with the blind beggar and one of the ten lepers, and they will hear them tell their stories during chapel sessions. Camper will see the Last Supper played out before them and watch the betrayal and arrest of Jesus. Each Jr. High student will be challenged on how a life touched by Christ changes, and what it should look like after.

We are rejoicing over the impact God had this summer at Lake Ann Camp, and we are preparing to rejoice again on the impact He will have during our retreat season.

Brandon Baker, Program Director

To learn more about Lake Ann Camp, visit our website: www.lakeanncamp.com.

Top 12 Reasons to Attend Freeze Out

We love hosting Freeze Out!

We have the Top 12 Reasons to attend Freeze Out!

  1. Hear BRAND NEW messages from KEN RUDOLPH 
  2. Worship with HeartSong
  3. Night tube on 3 tubing hills
  4. Play NEW Yeti games in the snow 
  5. We all love Octaball, so we’ve brought it indoors to enjoy morning, noon, and night! 
  6. Play Cubix (9 square in the air!).
  7. Nobody goes hungry at Lake Ann! Enjoy the GREATEST camp food around
  8. Pick up warm drinks at Mr. Bean’s Coffee Shop at the Red Canoe
  9. Cross country ski on the 5K trail during free time
  10. Choose from 3 fireplaces around camp to warm-up and hang out with friends  
  11. Grab an opponent to duel in the ping-pong room
  12. Take a tour of the camp.

Find out more information about Freeze Out and sign-up online at www.lakeanncamp.com.