Why come to Junior High camp this summer?

Each week of the summer, Lake Ann Camp offers programming for five different age groups. This means churches or families or schools can send all their campers to the same week of camp, knowing each child will be involved in an age-specific program that will meet their particular needs. Obviously, the needs of a fourth grader are vastly different than the needs of a student entering high school.


Over the next few weeks we will be featuring each program, trying to give you the latest news from the program directors who will be running the show! Here’s a note from our awesome Junior High program directors:


We have new Zorbs!!
We have new Zorbs this summer!

The Junior High program this summer is going to be incredible! The program is filled with activities like Scalps, Zorbs, and a completely new activity designed by the program directors to be top notch. One of the major themes of our Junior High program is cooperation. Campers put the idea of teamwork into action while they work together on the Zorbs, organize Lavinrac, and work on a number of other activities. The new night hike is an exciting Junior High activity; campers will be immersed in God’s creation in a whole new way.


The main theme for the Junior High campers is answering the question:Iss God real? Each activity in our fun and exciting program will purposely guide their minds toward answering that question. Our daily devotionals and chapels paint a picture for campers of how God is real in their lives, whilePurity Night and Man Night give Junior High campers an idea of what being a man or woman of God looks like in a practical way in their everyday lives.


This year, Junior High campers will experience the Screaming Eagle — where campers will take in a whole new view of Lake Ann. Soaring over camp from an eagle’s point of view gives campers the opportunity to view God’s creation in an experience unlike anything else. Our goal is to make this week at camp an experience Junior High students can enjoy for a week and remember for a lifetime.