Retreat season…and we rejoice!

As summer slowly comes to a close many kids wish it would go a little longer. Someone once said “All good things must end.” However, that’s not true, not all good things come to an end. Paul says in Philippians 4:4, “Rejoice in the Lord always: and again I say, rejoice.”

So rejoice, and when you’re done rejoicing, rejoice again!

As we have reached the end of our summer here at Lake Ann Camp my focus quickly moves to retreats that will soon be taking place. We host our three Ladies Retreats next month, and then in October we host our Junior High retreat called Exiled.

Exiled is an experience unlike any other as Junior High campers are placed in a scenario for the entire weekend. Two years ago, for example, they traveled back in time to a once Communist Romanian country for what we call Exiled – Romania. They were stripped of their Bibles as they arrived for the weekend, and their first task as a cabin was to write down as many verses from memory as they could.

One of the lessons taught here was to show the camper how much of God’s Word they actually had hidden in their hearts (Psalm 119:11). Campers were lightly “persecuted” for their faith during their weekend and were challenged on whether they were just committed to God, or completely surrendered to God.

This past year they experienced Exiled – Tribal. Soon after arrival at camp they realized they were not alone. A nomadic tribe had moved on to the camp grounds. The campers were trained to share their faith, and trained on how to overcome unique cultural and personality barriers. Through that, they were challenged to reach the tribe for Christ during their weekend. By the end of the three-day retreat, campers were comfortable with sharing their faith story with others and had the tools to go home and impact their ‘worlds’.

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I am particularly excited about this year’s Exiled as we launch an all new program called “Exiled – A.D.” This year’s theme will be “A Life Touched by Christ”. As campers go through their weekend here at camp they will meet many Bible characters that have had their lives touched by Jesus. They will interact with the blind beggar and one of the ten lepers, and they will hear them tell their stories during chapel sessions. Camper will see the Last Supper played out before them and watch the betrayal and arrest of Jesus. Each Jr. High student will be challenged on how a life touched by Christ changes, and what it should look like after.

We are rejoicing over the impact God had this summer at Lake Ann Camp, and we are preparing to rejoice again on the impact He will have during our retreat season.

Brandon Baker, Program Director

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When Does God Speak to People?

When Does God Speak to People?

Start with the premise that God does want to speak to people…what a thought! Think of how busy your life is, multiply that by over 7 billion people, and then imagine also holding every molecule and atom in place.  Realizing that God, who holds creation together, really cares about the details of our existence should blow us away!  It gets better…God keeps track of the number of hairs on our heads – even though we all lose nearly sixty each day.  The Psalmist David went as far as to say that God’s thoughts of us number more than the number of grains of sand on the seashore – pretty much all the time.  He actually thinks of us all of the time!

Now comes our turn…how often do we think of God?  Better yet, how often do we speak to Him (when we are NOT in crisis or want)?  Take that one step further; when was the last time God spoke to you personally?  Not just through His word, but really got to your heart and changed the way you were thinking about something?

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