…But God!

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It’s interesting to get to the age of 59 and look back over the path the Lord has chosen for my wife and me to travel. I grew up on a dairy farm. From my earliest memories through high school, I could only think about being a farmer, in order to join my Dad and Uncle on the Miller Brother’s Farm…but God!


Fast forward to 1997. After 18 years of working at FedEx, having a great wife and four daughters that love the Lord, God called us to Lake Ann Camp as the Director of Operations. I filled that position for 8 years and thought I’d found my niche… but God!


Uniquely Prepared

The Lord had uniquely prepared me for the role that He had called me to in those first eight years. After all, only God can take a farm boy, send him to Bible school, make him a husband and dad, train him as a dispatcher, equip him as a leader in church and bless him with a job at Lake Ann. But then He led me away from LAC for 19 months! For 14 of those months I was on staff at Holland Rescue Mission, where I was involved in a great work in the lives of men. And through it all, God was developing in me the skills I would need for my next adventure…but God!


Then the Lord, in His wisdom and grace, brought Jill and I back home to Lake Ann Camp as the Director of Guest Services and now as the Director of Sales. As I look back over my life, I see that this is the job He has been preparing me for all along. It’s a real joy and privilege to serve the Lord by serving our guests, as they come here to meet with Him.  And it’s my prayer that from the first moment visitors turn onto our road that they will sense His presence, that they will know this is the Lord’s camp, and that before they leave they will have had a life-changing encounter with Him. So many people come to Lake Ann viewing life one way, only to have God help them see life through a different lens…but God!

Doug Miller, Director of Sales

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