Close to the Fire

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Like a pebble striking the water, the summer of 2013 is gone, but the ripple effect is just beginning. We are still close to the fire that was sparked in the lives of many campers.  Take the camper from Bosnia for instance.  He attended because he heard students in his school talking about this cool thing called “camp”. Specifically, they were talking about Lake Ann Camp’s senior high program. 

Caught in the Whirlwind

When he arrived he was a bit surprised that this was a Christian camp.  Not long after his arrival, however, he was caught up in a whirlwind of challenging activities and he was hooked.  His counselor engaged him in a conversation about God and challenged him to evaluate his life and future.  Later that night he accepted Jesus as his savior.  Friday night he stood at the Glorybowl fire and shared this testimony.

“For seventeen years of my life I have been pursued by a God that I did not even know existed. This week I accepted Him into my life as my savior. I intend to go back to Bosnia and make Him the Lord of my life and to reach my country for Christ.”

Having Passion for the Things of God

Another camper came from Vienna, Austria. Ken Rudolph spoke one evening about having a passion for the things of God and this young man responded saying that he wanted to start a youth group in his church, as he and his sister were the only students in their church.  When he flew home the next week he began living out his commitment by witnessing to the Hindu cab driver on his way home from the airport.

On the first Sunday back home, this young man went to church, and saw a young teenage girl was in attendance.  He approached her and found that she had been to Phoenix, Arizona as an exchange student, and she accepted Christ as her Savior. Now she was looking for a church to attend.  Inspired by this week of camp he fired up this new attendee and the next day the two of them went out to the streets of Vienna to begin recruiting people for their youth group.  They talked to fifteen people, and while they were rejected by each stranger they engaged, the two of them were energized to continue their pursuit.  Their spirit is strong and their desire is to reach Vienna for Christ.

One of our Reborne Ranger’s told of learning how to witness at camp last year and how he had lead eleven members of his football team to Christ.  Another Reborne camper is transferring to a Christian college to pursue ministry.  In fact, many of our summer team have transferred their majors to pursue ministry, as they have gotten a taste for the work of God and want to invest their lives for eternal pursuits.

Our Team Witnessed Transformations First Hand

Time will not permit for more excerpts but be assured… they are numerous. Our team witnessed the transformations first hand and we have heard amazing stories from grateful parents.  For me, that is why I came to Lake Ann twenty eight summers ago.  You see, having been a youth pastor I saw how a camp experience could drive what I was teaching deeper into the souls of my students.  I witnessed students making life-changing decisions and determinations that were affecting the decisions they were making on a daily basis.  Having tasted that, I wanted to perpetuate that experience on a greater scale and today I am living the dream.

God is at work and I get to be close to the fire… how cool is that!?

Ken Riley
Executive Director

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Keep a close watch on yourself and on the teaching.
Persist in this, for by so doing you will save both yourself and your hearers.
-1 Timothy 4:16

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