Words are Powerful

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Words are so powerful. It explains the adage, “The pen is mightier than the sword” — words have a profound power to change lives.


At Lake Ann Camp, we train our staff to understand the power of words. We want them to keep cabins safe by stopping the use of painful and sarcastic words. Our desire is to help campers grow by using powerful and encouraging words.


It’s easy to use words to tear people down and to discourage them from their life’s journey. As a young man, I found sarcasm to be an easy tool to elevate myself by minimizing others. Sarcasm isn’t the sign of a great wit, but rather, the sign of a person struggling with insecurities.


But the Bible calls us to use our words to pick others up. Lake Ann Camp works hard to train all of our staff to be builders with the words and phrases that we use to engage campers and other staff.


This week, monitor your use of words. When you catch yourself tearing someone down, intentionally stop your speech and find a way to build up. When you hear a peer or coworker or employer belittle a fellow employee, come to the rescue with encourage words of hope, kindness and grace. After you get home, lift up the spirits of your children or spouse or roommate or parents by choosing words of encouragement.


If you will take the time to listen to what’s being said around, to listen to the words coming out of your own mouth, you’ll realize how many opportunities you have to build others up! Take the challenge and see what happens all around you as you choose to encourage others.


Joe Castañeda, Director of Communications

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