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The summer of 2015 is in the record books and we had a 7% increase in our attendance, and for that, we say a hearty THANK YOU! Here is a snapshot of the decisions and commitments campers made this summer and an inside look at our ministry:


Assurance of Salvation Baptism Life of Service Witness to Friends Daily Devotions Mentorship


268 290 334 83 1008 1222 160



Decisions do not just happen and happy campers don’t just happen. It takes a team of people who are dedicated to helping campers Discover Life at Its Best to bring about those decisions and happy campers. To ensure that this is happening, the Lake Ann staff work hard to meet the highest standard of excellence through the American Camping Association’s accreditation process. We also submit ourselves to the scrutiny of a 360 internal evaluation through Best Christian Workplaces. BCW provides our full-time staff with a confidential survey that is filled out online and submitted to the organization.

The results are compared to all of the other organizations internationally that go through the same process. As the name implies, the standard is set very high, and this year 708 organizations applied and only 117 made the grade. To be certified, the composite score of the team must be higher than 4 (on a scale of 1 being that you strongly disagree with the stated question, and 5 being that you strongly agree).  Lake Ann’s composite score was 4.3 overall. In our review, we were told that our score was, “Very, very high.” Also, BCW told us that we were well above the top ten percentile.


Here are the top five most favorable scores as they ranked in against other organizations:

  1. I would prefer to remain with Lake Ann Camp even if a comparable role at a higher pay level were available in another organization.
  2. Lake Ann Camp reflects Christ to the world.
  3. I’m motivated to put in extra effort beyond what is expected to help Lake Ann Camp succeed.
  4. I would recommend that my family/friends use or support the programs/services of Lake Ann Camp.
  5. I’m very satisfied with the opportunities I have to use my skills in my role.


I like our 8th one in, where our staff says, “I have fun at work.”

So, why do this exercise, and why share it with our Camp Captains? For one, this helps us to have a benchmark regarding areas where we can grow as a team. Having been through transitions with many staff members in 2014, it also gives us a gage to see how our new team have assimilated into their new roles. More importantly, as a Camp Captain, you are working hard to convince parents that Lake Ann is a safe and helpful place to send their children.

When a team is unified around a central purpose, the trickle-down effect impacts the products or services they are offering. Be assured, the Lake Ann Camp team wants to be here. They love the impact the camp is having on the next generation for Christ. Additionally, in 2015 there were only two other camps in our nation that met the BCW standard. Sign-up your camper at Lake Ann with confidence and know that we’ll continue with our HAPPY CAMPER GUARANTEE!

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