10 Reasons to Trust Lake Ann

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In an age of uncertainty and trials in our world, it is important to find the right fit for your children at a summer camp. There are many factors that go into what makes a camp great. We recognize that parents need to know they can trust the camp where they choose for their children.  Here are just ten of the reasons you can trust Lake Ann Camp.

ACA Accreditation

ACA accreditation is the highest standard for safety and security in the camping industry. This outside agency has written standards for safety and excellence and Lake Ann Camp voluntarily adheres to and an annual screening process to ensure compliance.


Hiring Standards

Lake Ann Camp has an extensive protocol for hiring staff members, which includes: an interview, five references, background checks, and driving record checks.  Additionally, the year-round Lake Ann staff reviews prospective team members before anyone is hired.


Extensive Training

The counselors and program team have 175 hours of training, over a fifteen-day period, prior to the arrival of campers. During this training, staff members learn everything from health and safety procedures to how to lead a camper to Christ. This training is a catalyst for impact.


Best Christian Workplace

Best Christian Workplace is a 360-degree private evaluation that our full-time staff uses to evaluate their own drive and motivation for what they do. The Lake Ann team scored as one of the most highly motivated teams in the BCW Network. We love what we do and we are motivated by our work.


Age Specific Programming

Rather than lumping our campers into “one size fits all” categories, each camp is engineered specifically for the age level being served. This is a powerful programming tool that minimizes bullying and enhances a camper’s spiritual health and growth.


24-Hour Health Officer Care

Lisa Waller, a registered nurse, supervises our Summer Health Office. Lisa has served extensively in hospital critical care units prior to her work with us. She brings great leadership to a team of four Health Officers that are available 24 hours a day for our summer camper’s health concerns.  In addition, the camp is also one mile from the local EMT service.


Parents Love Lake Ann Camp

Parents of campers continue to give Lake Ann Camp a five-star rating on Google and Facebook. Saying things like “it has a great atmosphere and the leaders and counselors are so much fun”. It is no accident that campers come from nearly 30 states and 15 countries annually for Lake Ann Camp’s life-changing experiences.


Unique Learning Experiences

Lake Ann Camp is not afraid to continually reinvent the way our camp programs are designed. Because of this, leading-edge activities will always supersede even our best ideas of the past.


Leadership in Camping

Lake Ann Camp’s life-changing experiences impact American campers and campers from around the world.  Staff members from Lake Ann Camp have either started or supported camps in ten different countries around the world.


Generous Contributors

Our faithful and generous contributors believe in our life-changing experiences continue to bless Lake Ann Camp. They support the vision of providing a quality place to challenge campers lives. We are grateful for the privilege of partnering with them.


Thank you for taking the time to stop by our blog today! We hope this article provided you with some great information on why you can trust Lake Ann Camp.

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