A Parent’s Guide to What Each Program Will Accomplish

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A Parent’s Guide to Our Programs Will Accomplish

Overview of Our Programs

In 1972, the camp began the process of centralizing its leadership and programs. Since then there’s been a concentrated effort to intentionalize every aspect of a camper’s experience. Knowing you cannot teach an unhappy camper, our programs are designed to be inspirational, challenging and fun! The following will give you an up-close snapshot of the bottom line goal of each age level. In addition to chapel and learning opportunities, every camper has the privilege of a solo conversation with their counselor. They’re guided through a discussion on the need for salvation, baptism and whatever is on the camper’s heart.

Here is a look at what each of our six programs will accomplish. 

Junior Camp

Whenever you present an activity to a 4th or 5th grader you will generally be asked: “is it fun”?  You have heard a child’s play is a child’s work. Learning at this level is often accomplished through play. That is why we recognize our campers need to understand that Christianity can be fun. Chapels are age-graded and they often involve role play, illusions, puppets, drama as well as age-appropriate Bible teaching.  Out of chapel principles are taught through activities and well-placed questions by the counseling staff.

Jump Start

Life becomes a little more serious for Jump Starters who are emerging into the teen years of their life. They are under pressure from their peers to try things they know will be wrong, yet look so inviting. Jump Starters will learn how to have the courage to make right choices. In chapel, they’ll have lessons from the lives of Bible characters focused on the positive and negative consequences of choices. Out of chapel is the beginning of an outdoor education curriculum that will prepare them for earth science classes. By giving a Christian worldview through fun activities like a river walk, the bog, dune walk and a tube float.

Junior High

There is a question on every teen’s heart that is rarely expressed verbally. Is God real?  Junior High is an assault on the doubts created by a mind that is developing an ability to think analytically. This is countered by activities like a night hike and chapels that are relevant to the issues they face. Junior High is a very critical time in a person’s life and it is often confusing. Our Junior High camps are growing and we believe it’s because they’re hitting important topics in an engaging way.

Fresh Start

You have to love how the Fresh Start program is so unlike all of our other offerings.  It is one of a kind and targeted to the emerging high school student. Think about it, as a freshman everyone in the school is bigger, smarter and more equipped for life than they feel. That causes students to be intimidated. When a person is intimidated they are wide open to be influenced in unhealthy ways.  

That is why Fresh Start has a theme of Confidence.  Fresh Starters will be taken through the book of I John. They’re given the opportunity to discover that digging down deeper into life will always leave you wanting more. Digging deeper into your walk with Christ will provide everything you need in life as God will never leave you. We cannot say enough about this program and its lasting impact on 9th graders.

Senior High

We could not be more pleased that Senior High camp is the largest group of campers at Lake Ann. They come from across the country and around the world to attend. We believe High School students are on the ten-yard line of their life. Some will never reach the goal line without the nurturing of an experience like camp. Senior High camp asks the question: What will you do with Christ for the rest of your life?  Statistics are dismal regarding young people walking away from God before their second year of college.  Our Senior High camp is bridging an important gap. It draws a line in the sand inviting high school campers to come to a decision now. In the hope that they will not carry great regret into their adult lives.

Reborne Rangers

Reborne Rangers is different from any of the other programs that Lake Ann Camp offers. Campers can only attend if they have been nominated by a peer group or pastor. They’ve demonstrated leadership potential and this intense training week will mark them in ways no other opportunities can compete.  They are drilled on the idea that life is a stewardship – not an ownership.  They’re bought with the blood of Christ and gifted to lead others.  Incredible speakers, who have achieved rare status in life, will raise the bar for them.  Activities throughout the week will be more challenging than anything we offer to any other group. It is typical that these young people become class officers and student body president’s in college. When a leader is needed they volunteer years after their Reborne experience.

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