Freedom to Fail

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Lake Ann Camp offers many lasting and unique benefits to the lives of our campers and their families. We believe that the goal of parenting is not to raise children. The goal is to raise godly, independent, resilient, responsible, and confident adults. Through intentional programming we reinforce these values with our campers during their experiences here. For many campers, these lessons are being taught by their families. But the camping environment becomes a third voice that validates the original voice in a powerful way. It gives them the freedom to become who God is molding them into.

The Freedom to Fail

Interesting enough, one of the opportunities for campers is the freedom to fail. This sounds like the opposite of the goals we should set. However, in reality, campers learn that they can accomplish the challenges ahead of them through faith, trust, and endurance. Often times a camper will leave Lake Ann Camp with a completely different outlook on their own behaviors. It is the experiences they have with peers, and on their own, that teach them. They learn they need to hold themselves responsible for the outcomes they desire to achieve. This fosters independence and resilience. It allows the messages given to the camper to sink in to the deepest places of their soul. And judging from the stories we often hear, these changes are life changing and lasting.  


Through a failure, such as offering an unsuccessful suggestion during a challenge course activity, a camper has the chance to independently set goals that will help her grow in life.  Surround that failure with a trained camp counselor and some peer encouragement, and the once timid camper steps up, moves forward in faith, and soars beyond anything she previously imagined for herself. Campers face their fears and intimidations, and stomp them out, until the only remnant is the dust of a former picture of themselves that no longer holds any power over them.


A Powerful Image

What a powerful image! Imagine a camper coming to camp with a distorted idea about who they are. An idea that has been reinforced by the rest of their world.  They imagine the path ahead is strewn with insurmountable challenges. Then this same camper experiences Lake Ann Camp and all that God is working gloriously through this place. The camper sees their world through new eyes unveiled by Christ. They can now see what God sees in them. Campers leave Lake Ann Camp knowing they should, they can, and they will be able to rise to the occasion. It’s a beautiful image that we strive for in every program or retreat.  We are grateful for the way you reach out and share this message with your church family. Thank you!

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