Something was Missing

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I need to tell you that I don’t even believe that there is a God. That is how the week began in one of our Senior High cabins last summer. A camper came to Lake … Read More

Juniors Camp (4th-5th grade only!)

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Like each program we offer, our Juniors program is targeted to make it a great age-appropriate experience for 4th-5th graders. With cabins located in the central part of camp easily in view of the Junior chapel, dining … Read More

The Raven

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Camp creates all sorts of experiences and perspective changes for those who attend. The following post is a creative expression of LIFT intern, Emily Anderson, written when she was in high school. Do you have … Read More


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Life as a Lake Ann intern comes with numerous opportunities for reflections and learning. If you complete an internship here without learning something, it’s your own fault. The program is also structured so that we’re … Read More

What is Integrity?

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Emily Anderson, one of our year-long LIFT apprentices, shares insights from the book, Integrity, on this week’s blog. Think you know what integrity is? Read on! Doing The Right Thing When No One Else Is … Read More

Does Life-Change Stick?

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We recently attended a combined meeting of pastors from Michigan and Ohio. Our job was to help promote what God is doing at Lake Ann with an open invitation to attend. It was great to … Read More

Words are Powerful

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Words are so powerful. It explains the adage, “The pen is mightier than the sword” — words have a profound power to change lives.   At Lake Ann Camp, we train our staff to understand … Read More

Bearing Fruit…from the Background

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Bearing Fruit…from the background For the past ten summers, I have had the joy of ministering at Lake Ann Camp, almost entirely from inside the dining hall, working elbow-to-elbow, primarily, with a teenage staff to take … Read More

Close to the Fire

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Like a pebble striking the water, the summer of 2013 is gone, but the ripple effect is just beginning. We are still close to the fire that was sparked in the lives of many campers. … Read More