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Over the years I have been exceptionally blessed to see how passionate camps have found creative ways to recruit campers.  Here are some of the creative ways to help you recognize the value of camp:


We can’t afford to send our children to camp!

Response:  That is okay because we have people who can help you… From there they have talked to their pastor’s, elders/deacons and have found ways to make the needs known.

I don’t think my child is ready for a camp experience!

Response:  Your child is probably more ready to go than you are to let them go.  Lake Ann Camp hires and trains some of the best counselors and staff around.  Our counselors have very high standards, are interviewed in person, submit five references, and complete an extensive application. Additionally, they even have an online Ministry Safe certification class that they require prior to staff training.  Once campers arrive there’s a team of health officers who look after the health concerns our campers have.  And they are on call 24 hours a day.  Furthermore, we allow campers to have phones so they can stay in contact with their parents.  Parents are considered a higher authority at Lake Ann and the camp does all it can do to strengthen the role a parent plays in a camper’s life.

How do I know that my child will be safe at camp?

Response:  Lake Ann Camp is inspected by and accredited by the American Camping Association which is the highest standard in the camping world.  There are over 360 pages of standards that require a written document and a training schedule to ensure that those standards are rigorously adhered to on a daily basis.  This will be our 67th summer of ministry on our property and our safety record is remarkable.  In fact, our insurance company has remarked often that we are the best risk they have in Christian Camping because of the kind of staff we hire, the extensive training we give and the intentionality of our programs.

We do a lot of things with our own family and we don’t know if our children really need a Christian camping experience

Response:  The goal of parenting is not to raise children but rather to raise responsible adults who impact society in a positive way and are a part of expanding God’s kingdom here on earth.  Children need and expect nurturing from their parents but they also need experiences of jostling with their own peers for position in life.  That process strengthens them and helps them to learn where their true strengths really lie.  We cannot be good at everything.

Parents tend to nurture their children and help their children see the positives in the many negatives in life.  Kids, on the other hand, can be brutally honest with each other saying things like:  You aren’t good at ______.  In the supporting atmosphere of a camp, a child can learn to accept their weaknesses and at the same time learn to embrace their strengths.  It is an iron sharpening iron environment.  Don’t ever be surprised by a camper coming home with clarity about their life purpose or direction about their future.  Camp creates an opportunity for young people to be themselves and feel good about that.  Besides, as a parent, having someone reinforce your values is always a great asset.  It makes your position in your student’s life more valuable and not less.


Ken Riley
Executive Director

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