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How is it possible that another season of summer camp has already come to an end!? We plan and prepare for camp for months each year – there are so many things to accomplish not only to be ready for our first group of campers but for the rest of the summer. Suffice it to say, these 9 weeks are the most demanding and exhausting of my year! And in the midst of the to-do lists, the long days, and the phones that never seem to stop ringing, there are moments when I can forget the real reason for what I do here. At the end of the day, it’s only and always about God’s glory and loving His people.

One of our counselors wrote the following post at the end of this summer and I want to share it with you. Not only does it show his heart and dedication to our campers, it was a wonderful and challenging reminder to me of the purpose God has for each of us here and the privilege it truly is to be a part of HIS work:

I Always Tell Them The Truth

 “When people ask what I did for work this summer I always tell them the truth that I am a Lake Ann Camp counselor. Some smirk and think it’s your typical college level, goof around summer job. However, the reality is that Lake Ann is no ordinary camp and working there is no ordinary task. It is a special place that typically only those who have been there can describe, and it is where my life was forever changed as a camper. Everything at Lake Ann camp, right down to the placing of park benches, has purpose and is very intentional.

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The Hardest Job I Will Ever Love

Needless to say, it is the hardest job I will ever love…but what they don’t know is that I am not your ordinary counselor either, and in fact none of us are. I am a part of an elite group of trained college men and women where we put everything that God made us to be into every camper. We give much and receive little in return. We’re known to pour out our blood, sweat, and tears until we are past the point of being physically, emotionally, and spiritually exhausted. And we listen to the broken stories and grieve with those that share them.

And yet, we rejoice with the news of positive life-changing decisions that campers make each day. It is not unusual to walk down the path and greet a co-worker and end up laughing, crying, and praying together. We are not just counselors, we are warriors that set out to let God shine through us in order to save souls and change lives.

So here’s to the summer of 2013. To the job that I had the most difficult time parting from and to the most amazing people I have ever had the honor and privilege to serve side by side with. We are not just camp staff. We are Lake Ann.”

Mandi Vermilyea, Registrar

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