A Cry for Help

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Lake Ann Camp may be needed more today than in any year of its 70-year existence. That is a strong statement, but it was underscored this week when we received word that a young person, … Read More

Something was Missing

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I need to tell you that I don’t even believe that there is a God. That is how the week began in one of our Senior High cabins last summer. A camper came to Lake … Read More

The Game of Life

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Those close to me know that over recent years I have developed a rather severe addiction to board games. I’m known as the resident “board game geek” here at camp. When I mention board games, … Read More

Purpose Gives Freedom

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Having a purpose for everything you do gives freedom At first, I resisted the idea of a sabbatical but I chose to follow the Lake Ann Camp Board’s lead.  The board was clear, just as … Read More