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Lake Ann Team (left to right): Tyler, Sarah, Josh S, and Josh W.

We’re incredibly happy to report that our mission trip to India in April was a great success and we were blessed to see God work in mighty ways. Our ministry time was divided between two locations. The first of these was Churachandpur – located in the far northeastern part of India. It was exciting to see that in this town there was already a large number of believers. While there, we held seminars on Christian camping, delivered sermons at their Bible Conference, and built many relationships.




Tindiahe people were very receptive to the seminars and had a huge heart for the children of Churachandpur and for Christian camping. We were blessed with the opportunity to visit the location of a future campsite. It is incredibly beautiful and sits on the edge of a lake. It was a blessing to stand on the ground that could be used to reach thousands for Christ. We have been blessed at Lake Ann Camp to see the significant and unique impact that Christian camping can have on campers, and we’re excited about this future camp to do the same.


It was truly a blessing to see a bit a Lake Ann Camp culture being enjoyed

It was truly a blessing to see a bit of the Lake Ann culture being enjoyed by our Indian brothers and sisters. During the chapel hour for the school in Churachandpur, the team introduced the Moose song to the children. The children loved it so much, they asked for an encore. We were able to lead initiatives, like the Human Knot with the seminar students. After some fun confusion, they successfully completed the challenge. It was wonderful to see the ministry of Lake Ann reach this far away land.


From there we traveled to Northeast India Baptist Bible College. It is located in Silchar, which is southwest of Churachandpur. We were encouraged to see the ministries already present in this community, however, we were surprised to realize that only .1% of Silchar were Christians. The need in Silchar is great and the people are ready and receptive. It was encouraging to see the college doing ministry well in this place. While at the college, we presented three more seminar sessions. The locals reported that they had successfully completed one camp in the previous year. However, they wanted to have more of a fun and purpose-driven camp that focused on Christ. Lake Ann Camp does this well and it was a privilege to share the tools needed to complete this task. God was gracious and blessed all of the sessions. Furthermore, we trust this was a profitable experience for the students.

Thank you for your support

We want to express our gratitude to all who supported us with prayer and finances. Furthermore, your willingness to sacrifice is being used to promote eternal change in the lives of future campers, as well as local church leaders. Our ministry would not have been possible without your incredible support. Most of all, thank you for helping to advance the Kingdom.

Written by Josh Schouten, Lake Ann Camp Intern.

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